Progressive Educational Theory

Progressive is something I’ve always been drawn to becausse the focus is not on the teacher or the content, but instead on the student.  Its seems that we get so caught in teaching the content and making sure students are meeting the standards that we forget about other student needs.  Those needs must be met first before students can begin to learn the standards.  When students are going through problems at home, do we honestly expect them to complete all of the work we give them?  We need to prioritize what is the important in the student’s life for a better well-being.

The one that I really like about this theory is the idea of learning by doing.  In this class, we search through blogs and decipher information to find what we want to write about on our blogs.  We are asked several challenging questions to ponder about and write on our blogs.  Whether we are looking and thinking, we are doing something that is active learning.    Students have moved passed the days of old where students were expected to be sponges and soak up the information.

I really enjoy this theory and believe it provides the plan for students to learn and retain knowledge.


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