Is What We Need Really Just What We Want?

The blog entitled On Distinctions Between Change and Becoming, towards the end of the entry he mentions that we need in education is often scrambled in what we want for it.  Trends found in everything can be a good idea at the time, but later in hindsight you can wonder, “What was I thinking?”.  Fashion is a good example of this.  In the early 90s, grunge music was very popular along with the grunge look of looking like you just got out of a tornado.  If you tried to pull that look off now you might get a lot of weird looks.  Some of the things students like to play on the Internet with, like Facebook and Myspace, are definitely trendy with them, but is not something that would be a good fit for education.  Sure, students can talk on those two websites, but there are other programs out there that are more beneficial for learning.  We need to look at what is the best thing for education instead of what is the most fun for students.


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