The “Front Row/Back Row” Dynamics of Online Education

In the classroom, the front row students are the people wo want to actually learn or are traditionally the students who assume the role of “teacher’s pet.”  The back row students are the ones who do not want to be noticed by the teacher or  the students who do not want to learn.

The front row students of online education would have to be the students who are willing to do tasks for the instructor, respond to questions with insightful answers.  The back row students of online education are the ones who take a lot of probing to get them involved in the discussion.  Sometimes it may take the right questions to get them more involved.  Its just like the troublemaker students in the back row will get involved in the discussion if you ask relevant questions.

Although the front row/back row students are a little harder to pick out than in a face-to-face classroom, but its definitely a challenge that isn’t insurmountable.  Again, I’m struggling with trying to figure out the best approach to these kinds of students. I’m open to suggestions.


One Response to “The “Front Row/Back Row” Dynamics of Online Education”

  1. I like your philosophy of front/back row vitural classrooms. I am wondering where I actually fit in, as I have sat in both front and back rows before myself. I think my typical M.O. is to scan the room for people I know, and if I find one, I usually go sit with them. I’m hoping my instructors didn’t read too much into my seating choice! 🙂 However, I think the scenario you described fit the bill more often than not.

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