Panic Breaths

The questions this week have left me in kind of a slump responding to them.  It seems that the questions can be answered, but I try to adapt them to a online environment and I draw a blank.  I make an attempt to answer, but I’m left unsatisfied with the answers I provide.  Am I alone in this?

It seems the workload just keeps piling up on me and I am getting pushed farther down to the bottom unable to reach the top.  Maybe I’m whining too much about things and I just need to keep at, but its depressing when your to-do list is 3 pages long. Oh well, that’s life, I guess.


One Response to “Panic Breaths”

  1. I’m in agreement, but I am unsure how to get out of the hole I dug also. I feel that I am not prepared to answer the questions even when I get done with the readings or whatever. I agree, but I feel that I do my best is all aspects and that is all anyone can ask for. Keep trying, that is all Nate says we have to do (and think and have fun too)

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