Learning From Students

So, I read the article Teachers and Students Meet in the Middle and it got me thinking about learning from students.  When it comes to learning, it is a two way street for both teachers and students.  Its amazing how empowering it is for the roles to switch between student and teacher.  Students assuming the teacher role get a sense of perspective as to what it feels like to teach to other and the rewards that come along with them.

The myth of teachers knowing everything needs to be dispelled here and now.  I don’t know everything.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I don’t think I can know everything there is to know in the world.  That is why I can gain knowledge from those individuals around me, especially my students.  Each student has a different background and experience they can share that I learn from.

Technology is a field that teachers begin to see how savy student become with it.  A majority of students have been knowledgeable with the Internet.  They know how to run computer programs and set up blogs.  Some even know how to do some basic networking with computers.  It is simply amazing how young students are when they learn this kind of knowledge and master it that older adults struggle with it.

We as teachers have to learn to swallow our pride, realize we don’t know everything, and listen to our students.  Better relationships will develop between you and your students as well a better learning environment in the classroom.


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