Finally! A Way for Everyone to Get AP Credit!

I remember back in high school I didn’t give two hoots about AP credit.  One, our school didn’t offer it in the first place.  Two, I never knew the possibilities of obtaining and what it could do for me in college.  In hindsight, I wish I could go back and kick myself square in the butt and tell my embarrassed and fallen self to demand AP classes.  This article reveals how small rural schools are offering students the opportunity to obtain  AP credit through distance learning courses.  When students have run out of classes to take in say Math they can turn to the Internet to learn from other instructors and obtain college credit.

I worked with a girl in the Learning Lab here at Morehead, which is a tutoring lab for college students.  She was a Psychology major who obtained AP credit to knock out her first year of college gen ed courses and graduated in three years!  I wish I was smart and followed the same path as her.


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