Response to Distributed Representation Blog

After reading phaedrus’s blog, there is no way the middle ground between known knowledge and unknown knowledge can disappear completely.  There is a foundation of knowledge that can be manipulated to an endless number of shapes.  For example, since the beginning of time, scientists have been making new discoveries about the world around us.  Newton discovered gravity, Galileo founded kinematics with physics, and many more scientists have made several discoveries.  If we knew all there was to know about science, then a lot of scientists would be bored and possibly out of a job, looking for a new career.  There are always going to be new changes in the field of science for scientists to look at and study.  As long as there are new discoveries made, the shape of knowledge in science will continue to change.

Knowlede is always changing as time goes on and will continue to do so each year.  That’s why textbook companies create new editions, scientists conduct experiements, and researchers..well research. The journey of learning does not end in the first round trip you make, but instead is a lifelong expedition of understanding.


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