Strange Reflection on the Simpsons

Well, this post has nothing to do with the role of the teacher, but it does have a little bit to do with the integration of technology into the mainstream.  In education, we are using more technology in the classroom than we used to in the past.  From laptops and projectors to wikis and blogs, we are finding new methods and activities to use with students to increase the amount of learning.  Tonight is the night the new episode of the Simpsons came on and in the episode Marge was using the Internet to find a way for Maggie to gain some independence because she was being too dependent.  This integration of technology and other references to it has only happened recently with the tv series and was almost non-existant in the earlier seasons.  There was one episode where Homer wanted to work at home and become an obese man.  The company furnished a computer for him and in true Homer-style put a dripping bird to work while he played.  It didn’t bode well for the company, but my point is technology has been integrated a lot more in that animated series than it has in the past.  Its just fascinating how technology has been mainstreamed more than it has in the past. Just an observation I wanted to share.


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