Nature or Nurture: Do You Hear the Calling?

When it comes to this questions, I think the decision to become a teacher can be either nature or nurture, but the choice of where to teach is a calling. Good teachers can have a strong desire to become a teacher from the time they are little and want to play school all the time or they can be trained with all the right methods even if teaching wasn’t there first choice.  I have seen teachers who were good at their craft that came from both of these backgrounds, but the age group that you decide to teach in is something that I believe to be a calling.  There are some of us who feel a stronger pull towards elementary, some middle school, some high school, and some college/grad school.  Would a teacher who teaches elementary kids but wants to teach high school really do a better job than someone who wanted to teach elementary?  Being in the area you want to teach will have a major effect on your overall performance and how much dedication you really want to put into your craft.  But, a teacher who hears the call to teach a certain area will put forth the effort to continue learning about their students and how to improve their methods.


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