Role of the Teacher: Imposed or Arised From Within?

The role of the teacher whether the mediator, facilitator, or whatever is ultimately determined by the individual themselves.  There is a general philosophy in schools teachers are expected to use in their classroom that will have an influence on the way they teach.  The administration has their own philosophy on the role they want you to take in your classroom.  Depending on the era they are coming from, they may want you to take on a more conservative approach or give you the freedom to do what you think is the best.  While the pressure from these different powers to be may be overwhelming, it is still up to the teacher to decide what role they want to assume for the learning process.  We know our students better than any other individual in the school and we know what is the best decision to make when it comes to their learning.

While it is your decision to choose what is your role, some of the advice that is offered by the powers to be might be beneficial and would be wise to listen to them.  They may see something that you don’t see.  It is always good to have an experienced teacher interject there two cents on something that is plaguing you.  Again, with their advice and your own wisdom, you decide your role for your classroom and how it will shape your student’s learning.


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