How Real Can We Be With Our Students?

I was looking for some new teacher blogs to read and in my search came across this blog that got me thinking. I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough” before, but is that the case. Are we lying to our students when we tell them something like this?

Of course we want to motivate our students to achieve their goals, but shouldn’t we be realistic about it. We’re not going to say something like you’ll never make it because that would be both inappropriate and detrimental to them. However, couldn’t we explain that life is not fair all the time and you may fail in your journey towards your goals. Instead of beating yourself up for messing up, learn from your mistakes and try again. Isn’t that what reflection time is for teachers? We teach a bad lesson, we decipher the bad elements, and avoid them the next time we teach the same lesson. Shouldn’t we be teaching the same thing to our students?

If we don’t provide some realism, then we may be setting our students up to be driven by ambition, like the blog says that can lead to a world of hurt for them. I know some you may not like what this blog might be suggestion, but it makes some good points.


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