Reinforce the Idea of the Changing Role of the Teacher

“Mediated publics are here to stay; yet they are complicating many aspects of daily life. The role of an educator is not to condemn or dismiss youth practices, but to help youth understand how their practices fit into a broader societal context. These are exciting times; embracing societal change and influencing the norms can only help everyone involved.”

Danah Boyd from the blog “My Annoying Mantra

This particular doesn’t really fit into what we have been talking in terms of the teacher’s role as a creator or organizer, but it does reinforce the notion that the role of the teacher is changing. The technology age as ushered in a new way of life and have begun to make life much more complicated, but in a good way. Some of the great things that we can do now that we could not a decade ago have spearheaded a movement to pursue new interests. Students have picked up on them and are now engaging in those kinds of activities. Some more conservative adults out there may not like the fact that some students can now blog, use e-mail, write on forums, etc. To them I say: why not?

The world has evolved and with the changes we all need to adapt. When the radio, television, laptop, and iPod were invented there were nay sayers who wanted nothing to do with them. Now though, the radio provide news networks like National Public Radio to broadcaster through a traditional radio or over the Internet, television programs have been utilized through Public Broadcast System, laptops have mad mobility a reality, and iPods create podcasts for students. So many possibilities from technology that same deem to be wrong just because a select group think they are more for recreation than learning. Yes, there are programs and activities out there with these forms of technology that are recreation, but, just like the quotes says, we need to embrace the societal change and show how these practices fit into the great scheme of things for students.


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