The Teacher as a Facilitator: Students Making Decisions

“I fear that in standardized education, this is what is missing.  Students miss the chance to make decisions and it leads to a quiet, passive rebellion that often looks like apathy.”

This end quote to a blog about letting students make decisions fits really well into our journey at determining the role of the teacher.  This particular teacher feels as a facilitator he provides the criteria for students to come up with projects and proposals to improve the school.  In doing so, it provides the students with full control of what they would like to create for an assignment.  When given some sort of control or say in an assignment students tend to be more likely to participate.  This approach is more democratic and provides something different for students that is not the dull lecture/worksheet method of teaching.  This strategy is a more constructivist approach to learning and lets the teacher organize the proceedings and let the students take the wheel.  I think his notion of a quiet rebellion is a reality in schools today.  Schools who focus on changing the mindset of those students may see results in other areas.


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