Outside Factors Breakdown the Internal Learning Process

Ever had one of those days, weeks or months when things weren’t going right at all and it affect your whole mental process…that’s been me the last couple of days. Being in this state, I can’t seem to concentrate as well as I wish I could and in the end it seems to affect my learning process. If you’re mind is not into something then its just not going to work. I think that’s the case with some of our students. We need to know our students so we can pick up on the signs of when there is something bothering them. Too many times teachers who become burned out or lose passion for teaching do not see the warning signs and often think the student is just not trying. Emotions are strong things and can really mess with somebody’s daily cycle. Picking up on the signs can help with decisions on what is the best for our students and how to deal with those kinds of situations.


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