Creator of Knowledge or Organizer?

The role of the teacher is not destined to be solely the creator or the organizer, but a combination of the two. Vygotsky’s idea of the distant teacher is one who doesn’t so much decide how to organize the learning, but let the creates construct and create their own concepts and ideas. In this situation, the role of the teacher becomes the organizer of the learning environment to help students create their own learning experiences.

There are many instances in education where the roles play off each other. The organizer allows for pre-existing knowledge to be organized into a plan to teach students with. In doing so, the result is the teacher asking probing questions that allow the student to develop their own knowledge on perception of the concept in question. The creator role designs new strategies to fit students and must be have an organized environment for the most effective learning to take place. It can not be so simple as to just choose one side of the fence to put yourself on. Each role plays off each other and will continue to do so because the role of the teacher is much more versatile than simply being a creator or organizer.

{Borrowed this from Madscientist’s Log’s blog…I hope you don’t mind:)}


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