Role of the Teacher in Education

The role of teacher has evolved a lot since the days of the 50s. Gone are the times where all of the students sat in a rows awaiting the lecture of the teacher, although that still seems to happen today. Teachers have assumed more of a facilitator role in education by initiating a discussion and probing students into a discussion amongst them with guiding questions. Students seem to learn more when they are engaged in a conversation with either one or more of their peers. Provides them with some ownership of their own learning and taking control of the conversation with the exception the necessary intervention by the teacher to keep the students on track. For a teacher to do this, they must have a lot of key characteristics within them: patience, a great deal of knowledge of the content, great discipline, and wisdom to ask the right questions at the right time.

The plane where these conversations take place, whether they are face-to-face or online will not determine the success of the teacher. A good teacher is always going to be a good teacher regardless of the location. It may take some adjustment time for a teacher to move into the online realm, but the tools that make them great are still within them. They now how to start discussions, how to keep students on track, and how to guide them to what they need to know. Good teachers can learn to be flexible and adapt to their surroundings to create a well-constructed learning environment to facilitate the most learning.


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