Dimenxian: Learn Algebra Concepts to Survive

I first saw this article about this Math game I was wondering what kind of elements are included in the makeup that make it effective, since we were asked what makes games engaging.  For one, there is a competition among players to obtain power balls and neutralize, not shoot, their opponents to win.  Students will want to strive to learn algebra concepts to beat their peers and obtain number one spot.  The game has earned honors from MACWorld with the 2006 Editor’s Choice Award.  This is one game that is keeping up with the commercial gaming market that includes the Halos, Marios, and all the other franchise games.

Math is one the fields that is struggling in Kentucky and a majority of students are attracted to video games, so wouldn’t it make sense to try and implement something like this?   Students who can’t learn from lecture, worksheets, group work, or other activities may learn from this software. It is worth trying to see how well it goes over with students.


One Response to “Dimenxian: Learn Algebra Concepts to Survive”

  1. Math is a tough subject to get students motivated unless they just like it. I agree that a video game like this would be a great way to engage those that like video games. I teach math as well and would like to be able to use these types of motivating games. Perhaps another time,another place for me, but if your school will let you, you should.

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