Course Objectives: Fact, Life, or Wishful Thinking?

With thing one person does in life there must be a goal that they have in mind.  Your body waking up this morning was a goal, eating breakfast was a goal, getting to work on time is a goal, etc.   Everything we do has a goal or objective to it, but some objectives may be less important than others.  We may have a goal of buying a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, but it is something we can live without.  In education it is the same thing, there may be some goals that we actually want to accomplish and other pushed on us by the powers to be.

Course objectives are great tools to use for students to see what is expected of them and how they can meet the goals set for them.  They serve a second purpose in showing how teachers are going to meet the standards set on education in their particular content area.  But, sometimes too many objectives can be a bad thing.  Too many goals can overwhelm both the students and teachers.  A few goals is a whole lot better than many goals.

Course objectives may seem like they are tedious with each lesson plan calling for at least one to write.  I know in my undergraduate work it was a pain to try and come up with appropriate objectives for my lesson using Bloom’s Taxonomy.  However, it is something that we all must do to set goals and a course for our students towards success.


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