02 Stats Are High This Week

I feel more confident about my reading and writing process now than I have in the past.  I’m accomplishing more with each day, looking for newblogs in places I never knew existed, and learning new ideas.  I love that feeling you get when you achieve a goal.  Complete satisfaction.

Our chat last night was pretty good.  Prior to the beginning of it, I had a fire drill in our building on campus and I thought I was going to miss it.  A typical fire drill lastsaroun 30 minutes, but this one was half the time.  I may have lost some of my hearing as well from the 200 odd decibels of power pumping out of the fire alarm speaker.  Oh well…who needs hearing,lol .  The theme of the chat was about access.  Schools need to really take a look at what they are doing and how they can improve access for students.  Change can only occur if someone takes the initiative to do something about it.

All in all a good week and I hope a good weekend is in store for me.  Only time will tell.


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