The Influence Tech-Knowledge Has On Design

When designing a course and looking through the archived tools in your toolbox, the end product will be determined by how comfortable you are working with them.  Tools found in the basic toolbox, such as e-mail and blogs, are all things we use on a daily basis and have become accustomed to their inner workings.  We can honestly say there would not be any problems integrating them into our courses. 

However, other tools we may have placed in our toolbox, like wikis, we may be completely new to and would not feel comfortable intergrating them.  Forcing something to work usually does not spell out success for the person doing the pushing.  Maybe with some training time and research one could develop more knowledge of the tool and ways of using it properly. 

The tools we have in our toolbox are only as good as the knowledge we have of them.  The course design will not improve if they are just thrown into the mix of things.  Its like when you need to saw a piece of wood and you know a regular hand saw is satisfactory and reliable, but you want to use a power tool because…well its cool.  We have to evaluate what will help our course design and what is just there to look cool.


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