Does Quantity Mean Quality?

When it comes to course design, I think it would be more beneficial to use less tools.  There SO many tools available now to usse in a course and one of the more challenging things is determing which tools the best ones for what I’m trying to do.  A lot of times people think they have a good idea of how to use a tool and come to find out later that the results were not what they expected. 

The better alternative for the quantity of tools is to include a couple really good tools that have been well researched and used in trial runs.  One, you know what the tool can do inside and out.  Two, you have thought out ways to obtain the maximum amount of effectiveness. Finally, you will not overwhelm your students with a lot of tools and they can focus on getting accustomed to the ones you did select.  So, less tools with higher quality would be the best choice to increase the course quality.


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