Learning a Second Language Over Internet

I have always wanted to learn a second language and become bilingual.  As the future continues to roll on, the U.S. is moving towards becoming a bilingual nation with Spanish as its lingua franca.  This is way in the not so distant future, teacher education programs will have to require students to take a couple foreign language courses to tweak their communication skills.  While a couple classes will not make them experts in Spanish, it will be a start to obtaining the necessary skills to teach to all students.

I have always been told that if you want to learn a second language you need to imerse yourself in a new culture.  You are forced to either learn the language or nothing to survive.  However, for those people who cannot afford to make the journey to another part of the world there may be a solution on the Internet.  A new Spanish language software called LiveMocha provides participants with Spanish lessons and live chatrooms with voice recognition technology where students can practice with a partner.  It seems to be a handy tool to use since you really need that practice with a partner to refine your skills.   It is worth checking out.


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