The Ins and Outs of Lecture-ware

Elluminate is a lecture-ware software kind of similar to the virtual classroom of Blackboard except a couple notches higher. Some of the features with this type of lecture-ware include instant messaging, voice cappabilities, , intereactive whiteboard, uploading doucments and powerpoints, and monitoring tools to make sure students are doing what they think they should.

This software looks to be top notch and does an excellent job of recreating the classroom environment. It does provide a means for conducting lectures and could prove to be useful. Again, this may be something that is good, but it may not be the best approach to learning online. Online learning cannot be so one dimensional as to recreate the classroom experience through software. There needs to be a more constructivist approach to learning in an online medium. Students need to discover concepts, with some guidance, on their own. Students will learn more than they would through a lecture. While that may be hard to implement with middle and high school students, but it is not impossible. I think something like this limits you. Expectations change when you go from face-to-face to an online environment, you shouldn’t have to sit in a seat and pay attention while somebody teaches, when the students could teach themselves


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