Pink is Nova Scotia’s favorite color

What I think is interesting when you look at what is socially accepted by society has changed over the years.  Back in the 50s, it seemed like women were expected to where dresses and skirts no higher than their knees.  It was almost like the movie Pleasantville.  Now, you have boys wearing pink to school, a color that most when I was younger would get beat up for wearing.  However, bullying is still a problem and a freshman kid got harassed and bullied for wearing a pink colar polo shirt.  It is interesting that a certain colored shirt apparently makes you less of a man when you are in high school. Some feel the need to try and cleanse you from the rest of the other men.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and it was great to see the comrodtory that school had towards the boy.  The entire school wore pink that following week and one boy even wore a cheap pink dress to school.  Its something like this I wish was in every school.  Its a powerful thing to see.  This probably doesn’t pertain to anything we are talking about this week, but I just wanted to share it with everyone.

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One Response to “Pink is Nova Scotia’s favorite color”

  1. I read it too. Thought it was interesting.

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