3D Worlds: Way Cooler Than 2D

Well, I recently tried my best my very best to get online in Second Life, but unfortunately there were some hardware problems.  However, I was able to get into Active Worlds online community and it was definitely interesting to say the least.  As a tourist, I walked around the area and talked to a few residents.  We made small talk about where they were from, what they did for a living, etc.  There were friendly and understanding with me about not being very savy with Active Worlds.  One of the cooler things I found were the vehicles you can ride on such as a glider.  I soared above the community flying with glee.

The implications of using a community such as this one would be interesting and appealing to students.  Students can create their very own identity and engage in social interactions with other students.   It may be hard to keep students engaged in what you want them to do when there is so much available at their fingertips in this cyber world.  Interesting stuff!


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