Youtube College Course?

Well, I must say when I came across this article about a entire course dedicated to finding out the learning implications of Youtube I was skeptical.  When I go on Youtube, I don’t look for anything intellectual really, for the most part its music videos and live performances of my favorite bands or previews of new video games.  However, professor Alexandra Juhasz makes an interesting point: When you post a reply on a discussion thread via text it could mean a number of different things because it is what it is.  But, in a video response you can look at the performance of the response with tone, nonverbal behavior, etc. which others can judge to see if they are sincere in their comments.  The class uses a student centered style of asking the class what they want to look at and discuss those aspects in a face-to-face setting.  Students will submit their assignments and make comments about threads by posting videos on Youtube.  The many topics discussed in this course will be censorship of videos, limitations of Youtube, and culture expressed in different videos.  It would be interesting to sit in on one of these classes just to check it out and see if this website has any potential to be used in the classroom.


2 Responses to “Youtube College Course?”

  1. This is interesting. You tube has some valuable content that I think could be beneficial for the classroom. I can’t use it because I teach in a correctional facility where there is no internet access, but my wife has found some things she would like to use in her classes. Because You Tube is blocked from the school server, she cannot use them either. It would be good to find a balance there in what is blocked and what is not.
    As far as a whole college course being devoted to You Tube, I don’t know. I am finding out, though, that there is much to learn about all of these tools.

  2. You tube I think is blocked at my school also, but if you go to Teachertube you can usually find the same things and this site may not be blocked. I use teacher tube a lot and I know that it is clean stuff. Post a blog to let me know if it is ok to use that way others can use it.

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