MUDs, MUSHs, and MOOs, oh my!

It seems to this little educator that MUDs, MUSHs, and MOOs are online text based fantasy games that provide a social outlet to gamers who are fans of RPGs.  Simple games like these remind me of the simple games I used to play on the old school Apple computers like Family Feud, King’s Quest, and, of course, Oregon Trail.  It is amazing how games like those were engaging and kept me wanting more.

Since these types of games are social arenas there is potential for conversation and interaction among students.  The topics of those conversations can be started by a simple question or concept you want the students to explore inside these realms and be put through several simulations to play them out.  While it would take time to create such a world for students to be placed in, the pay off could be great for the students in the end.  The thing to keep in mind when creating these simulations for students is to maintain a purpose and avoid adding bells and whistles to make it visually appealing.  Sure, we all would like to view pretty things, but how would that help a student learn content?


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