Monitor Student Behavior When Your Back Is Turned

I can remember a while back during laptop discussion posing some concerns about monitoring student behavior with them and making sure they were on task with their work. Well, as I was looking at blogs today I came across this little article about how one technology coordinator is using one program called Net Support School 9 to monitor up to 850 students computers off of 1 computer. By installing the administrative software on your computer and giving client software to each computer, you can keep an eye on students and make sure they are not doing anything but working on work. Your “eye” is a tab where each monitor display is pulled up with the student’s name below. So, the moment you see them going to somewhere they aren’t supposed to you can take control of their computer and prevent them from pursuing their non-academic related endeavors. If you want to grab the student’s attention you can blank their page and prevent them from doing anything.
This makes me feel a little better about the whole laptop thing and monitoring behavior. My question though is can the students uninstall the software from their computers or is it password protected and only the administrator can remove it. I believe that this software can help out with the concerns of the administration towards giving students laptops and controlling unwanted behavior.


One Response to “Monitor Student Behavior When Your Back Is Turned”

  1. I use something similar in my class- Apple Remote Desktop. RD scans the area for computers, and allows me to select and add… I can randomly pull up any computer, freeze a student’s screen, take control of the computer, and opt for daily or weekly reports. Naturally, I do all the above! 🙂 It really is a teacher’s friend for better classroom management. It took “busting” one student out of each class (I projected their screen onto a SmartBoard during class), and it has been the best deterrent EVER.

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