Teacher and Learner’s Toolbox

After reading the blog for Personal Learning Environments, I started to ponder what exactly would go in each toolbox.  For the learner’s toolbox, the tools need to be ones that would encourage the pupil to be a learner and not a student.  They would propel the student to start looking at things that were of interest to the student in the realm of the subject.  By doing this, the student starts to develop a drive to learn on their own and learn the information they want to learn.  Students can use ‘gators and blogs to discover this information and subscribe to feeds they find the beneficial for their learning.   They read, comment, and interact with professionals of their interests to discover more.

The teacher’s toolbox should be one of management for the learner’s toolbox and fill in the gaps of what the students decided not to observe when selecting their feeds.   Not every student is going to want to read about everything they should know.  The teacher will need a blog as well to accomplish this task and require the student to subscribe to it and several blogs they feel would be the most appropriate.

One tool that both toolboxes will need is…well a brain.  Not really a digital tool, but in order to achieve higher order thinking both sides need to rack their brains to start thinking.  The teacher starts thinking what is the best way to get the student thinking and the student uses their brain to start thinking outside of the box.

I see a problem sometimes of students being spoonfed information when self-discovery would allow for more learning.  If you go out and explore, find the information, and focus on reading and understanding it you learn a whole lot more.  May just be me though, but if more situations like that were presented then we may have learners.


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