Digital ‘Lockers’

Here is a service that may be better than the one I posted on earlier.  In this day in age where we would like students to all have jump drives, which are not too expensive, but for some reason they may not be ablt to afford them or they simply just lose them.  There is a solution.   Schools can provide a ‘locker’ for each student to manage there assignments and submit them to their teacher.  All that is required of the students to have is a computer with an Internet connection.  That’s it.  For students who have a jump drive, this could serve as a backup to their important files. 

The cost of the service for a year is $1.00 per user.  Students will receive 100MB to use, while teachers and faculty will receive 1 GB for storage.  Each student will receive a password that must be shared with their parents to give them the opportunity to check their work.  Virus protection programs are in place to check for any potential threats to student work.  The system constantly backs up the files as well every 24 hours to ensure the preservation of the student’s work. 

In a regular classroom, this tool can be used as a backup file to documents on a jump drive.  Its always good to have a couple of back ups for anything.  In a online course, this can just be a good way to store all of your information and not bother with a jump drive.  You can access all of your information and send it off to your instructor easily. 

Monte Cassino School System tried this website out due to an overload to their server and they had a successful trial run.  It is always good to have a couple of plans in place and having a ‘locker’ and jump drive would help prevent homework from being forgotten or misplaced.

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