After our chat this afternoon with Dr. Lowell, I decided to check out the Portable Apps website. What I found was several different applications that you can simply load onto your jump drive for your own mini-computer. For the cost of a 2GB jump drive, roughly $20 on newegg.com, you can load a min office program that is compatible with Microsoft Office applications, manage e-mail contacts and blogs, and include a audio/movie player as well. It is frustrating to work on Microsoft Works at home only to come to school, try to open a document, and it doesn’t work. This little tool eliminates that problem and leaves enough space for students to save their works to their jump drives. Students can keep up with them by attaching a lanyard to the device.

Many schools want to push for all students to have laptops, but then you have to worry about managing all those computers. This route allows students the opportunity to have exactly what they need to do their work worry-free from any computer. I’m going to e-mail my big sis, who is also a teacher, about this wonderful website.



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