An Unexpected Conversation

When I walked into work today, I never expected to have a discussion about every aspect of school culture, but that was the case.  While talking with a fellow teacher, I discovered more differing opinions from my own that was both beneficial and frustrating.  The central theme was security.  The teacher who spoke with me addressed her concerns about the safety of her children in face-to-face classrooms.  She states that schools have changed since yesteryear (I agree.) where there are more factors that can affect the students well-being.  However, her solution is to completely remove students from school buildings, give them a laptop, and let them learn from home.  I am not questioning the decision to learn online because it clearly can be done and be effective.  What I am questioning is living in fear of the school building.   You can’t live in fear of something.  I know that’s an easy thing to say and walking the walk is much harder, but if you constantly fear something then you will not be able to function. 

When I was younger, I had a fear of heights that I could not get over.  I never wanted to fly, never wanted to ride a roller coaster, and even elevators made me uncomfortable.  However, one day I decided to face my fears and fly for the first time.  When I accomplish that goal, I decided to ride my first roller coaster.  Facing your fears helps you overcome them. 

If we pull out all of our kids and put them in online programs then their is still a security factor.  Parents are worried about ‘strangers’ coming into school buildings, well what’s to stop a persistent hacker from accessing online school buildings.  No matter where you put kids, in or outside of a school building, you are always going to have a risk factor.   But, you can’t let those fears stop you from living your life, getting an education, and pursuing your interests. 


One Response to “An Unexpected Conversation”

  1. I hated when my daughter started school five years ago. I felt like I had just lost her to the world. It seemed that everything I had worked so hard to instill in her was just washing down the drain. Once kids are in school they are at the mercy and influence of everyone aroung them. I don’t know what the solution is but still worry about this everyday of her life.

    Maybe, as teachers, we should always be diligent about watching and listening to our students. Doing our best to stop bullying, and inappropriate behavior to somehow prolong our children’s innocence…..if only for a few more years.

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