More Thoughts on Distance Education

Distance education is a approach used to provide an education for those who seek it in a more convenient manner.  Whether it is the right thing for you depends on a couple of things.  One, can you be responsible enough to manage your own learning without a instructor to guide you?  It requires more discipline and willpower to make sure you read and complete your assignments.  Not that your learning will be completely free of an instructor, but they will not be there watching you over your shoulder to be sure your work is done.  Two, some people do not feel comfortable with the technology aspect and prefer the face-to-face interactions of the classroom.  While both approaches to education are good, your preference for one or the other may influence your motivation to learn.  If someone can be all right with these two things, then there should be no problems.

Distance education is being applied to all aspects of education.  More schools are using components of distance education for blogs, e-mail, and websites as resources.  While the movement for full adaptation of distance education in k-12 schools may still be awhile away, you can definitely see the wheels start to move.

Many opportunities for students with distance education.  For those areas of the country where students have never traveled outside of their county have the opportunity to interact with students across the world in online activities with other classrooms.  Those same students will begin to understand different cultures and broaden their understanding of the world.  In addition, the plethora of resources available at the fingertips of both the instructor and student are endless.  A valuable investment in anyones classroom.  Hopefully, more teachers begin to take advantage of this tool to help improve learning.


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