Giving Without Fear

Here is an idea that many teachers can use within their classrooms and schools.  There are several unfortunate grassroots business owners in the world who are struggling to fight poverty.  Some of the things we would like to teach our students is to give back to the community in order to become better citizens and people.  This website provides the opportunity for students to raise money and finance a business.  It is not charity, but more of a business venture.  Students can gain a better understanding of global awareness and social issues that plague different countries.

I’ve always been skeptical of charities and where my money is going, but this website seems to be legit and worth trying out.  I would like to try something like this in the future.

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3 Responses to “Giving Without Fear”

  1. sounds like a good website. I know sometimes ,I must admit, that I think twice before I shell out cash, especially when I dont know where it is going. However, I would like to try something like this as well.

  2. I’ve heard about this website. The money given is not a donation but a loan. The organization was started by a couple who traveled abroad and witnessed so many people, mostly single moms, struggle to survive and feed their families. They came up with the website idea and it has taken off from their.

    Kiva reports that 97% of the money given has been paid back. That is amazing considering the majority of the people starting a new business are in third-world countries and somehow manage to pay their debt in a timely manner. Too bad so many Americans aren’t as responsible.

  3. AMEN! to that. I think it says that 50- 60 % of American can’t pay their debt back.

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