And the Verdict Is In for EDUC 685

After being enrolled in EDUC 685 for three weeks my feelings about the course has progressed from completely overwhelmed by the to-do list to somewhat comfortable.  Like many others, I never thought I would find the time to complete everything that needed to be done in between the life I had outside of the Internet realm.  It seems like I have grown four extras limbs to juggle the many different tasks in my day. 

Some days I wish the to-do list was shorter.  Each week when I go to see how big my elephant is this week I’m always met with shock.  Why so much?  How am I going to work, excercise, run my errands, finish the stack of homework for other classes, and now this?  My time management skills have been pushed to their limit!  It is at that point I run off to unwind my mind, take a breather, and come back to tackle the mountain.   The climb has been very benefical for me though because I have learned more in these past three weeks than I would have three weeks in a classroom. 

Learning new interfaces for different programs, reading new periodicals, and networking with different people has proven to be a great experience for me.  If presented in a different manner, I may have a differnt opinion of this class, but I have really enjoyed it and look forward to what lies ahead in that so distant future.


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