The Good, Bad, and Everything Else About Distance Education

Over the last three weeks, I have experienced distance education at its finest.  It has been interesting to think you know what something is and have that definition completely destroyed only to be rebuilt into something different {Did anyone else think of the six million dollar man when they read that sentence, lol}.  It has been frustrating and  helpful for me.

Among the many pros of this experience is the convenience of establishing your own pace for learning.  In a face-to-face classroom, the teacher evaluates what is the best pace for their class, but in this scenerio I assume the responsiblity of the teacher and choose what is best for me.  Also, there is a lot of freedom to find what I want to read to gain a better understanding for the topics I want to know more about in education.  The diversity factor that so many teachers want to expose their students to can become a reality.  The atmosphere is more casual and relaxed as well.

The downfall of distance education is the discipline you are required to have to be succesfull.  There is no room for procrastination and you can easily fall into the abyss if you don’t keep up.  The social aspect of the classroom is gone from the formula.  While college students may not need as much development as middle students, it is still beneficial to talk about content face-to-face. 

Distance education is something that needs to be incorporated more into education since students are becoming more and more tech-savy at a younger age.  It provides adults with opportunities to earn their education at their convenience.  I don’t think distance education is going to replace the face-to-face classroom because they both have lots of positives.


One Response to “The Good, Bad, and Everything Else About Distance Education”

  1. I totally agree that face to face contact with high school students would be beneficial. Good post.

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