Presentation Makes a Difference

I came across a blog entry on Remote Access that showed some before and after pictures of a classroom.  The classroom, prior to the necessary construction, was cluttered with board games, desks, and other materials that made walking difficult.  However, the classroom transformed into something completely different when it was cleaned up. 

Some of the things that stood out to me were the colors and organization put into the classroom.  There were  a lot of bright oranges and greens throughout the room that made you wake up the moment you saw them.  That’s what kids need in the morning to get them ready to learn is a wake up call and walking into this classroom would definitley accomplish that goal. 

 The organization throughout the room was excellent.  Books were stacked neat, workstations were set up, desks and tables arranged, photographs placed on the walls, and much more. 

This is kind of classroom that students want to be in.  A versatile room where that doesn’t put them to sleep, keeps them interested, and provides learning opportunities for them.  Its like when you order a meal at a restaurant.  The cook could just slop it on a plate for you to eat and it would probably tast the same, but it wouldn’t look appealing.  However, add some garnish and strategically place the food on the plate and it looks more enticing.  The more care we take into the design of our classroom the more interest we can arouse in our students.


One Response to “Presentation Makes a Difference”

  1. I totally agree with you about the classroom and the colors waking students up and making the day intersting and exciting. My classroom is painted in yellow, orange, the colors of the Mexican Flag on one wall, and the colors of the eSpanish flag on another. There are papel picado streamers hanging from the ceiling and panchos , pottery and siesta men every where. When students enter the room they light up. I have visits from students who don’t have my class saying they can’t wait to have Spanish…. I really love my daily interaction with my students in my classroom. I will add a photo of my classroom to my blog if I can. By the way, when I saw this article, I thought of my room.

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