Implications of Teaching a Pre-Approved Curriculum

Does anyone feel as though they have a big ball and chain attached to their ankle that is the curriculum that we are instructed to teach?  I get that impression from reading Dr. Lowell’s blog today.  The conditions that we have now at our schools make the light harder to see at the end of the tunnel.  Threats of closing schools if students do not perform, disregarding the humanity of students, and statements of a curriculum that any teacher can teach no matter their skills is disturbing.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.  Sticking to this course will result in a lower quality product of students.  In turn, the miseducation of those students could result in further problems for our future. 

From the looks of things, so far, it appears to be hopless, but its not.  What needs to be done is reevaluate the curriculum itself and consider other options to find the best course of action to take.  The reality of it all is if a curriculum calls for education technology to be used, but the school budget is not going to be able to supply those resources then that curriculum will be ineffective.  You have to look at what you have at your disposal and go from there.  Sure, every school would like to use that state of the art equipment, but it won’t be available for everyone.  In time, a school system may be able to acquire some.  The best chance of getting that technology would be through grants and donations.  Until that day when you receive that technology you must work with what you’ve got. 

In terms of scope of distance learning, sometimes the channels for learning will be fuzzy and snowy, I know they were at first when I started this class,  but afterwhile they will clear up.  It takes time, encouragement, persistence, and more to achieve crystal-clear learning.  I’m not sure if that answers the question of how it bears on scope of distance education.  If not, would someone enlighten me, please?


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