Educational Technology in the Hard Sciences

While surfing through the NMSA (National Middle School Association) website I came across this PDF file on Educational Technology in Math and Science Instruction.  There are some nifty items here that I could see myself using the classroom.  One of those is The Geometer’s Sketchpad that allows the user to create geometric polygons and polyhedrons easily.  It is a solid program that should help students with this frustrating subject.  One that I had not heard of for science instruction was called Alien Rescue.  This hypermedia CD-ROM is a problem designe to promote complex problem solving for 6th grade students assuming the role of scientists learning about the solar system.

 This article shows why we need educational technology and the benefits of using it.  Its good to see programs like these out there as resources for teachers to use.  Visual aides are very useful tools to use to convey concepts and should always be used at any age. 

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