An MP3 search engine?

When I first came across this article on OLDaily I was skeptical as to how I could use this in a classroom setting, but my options are endless. is a search engine that allows you to search for any type of MP3 on the web.  In a Social Studies classroom you can use this search engine to search speeches in their entirity from whatever speaker you can think of.  I did an easy search for Martin Luther King Jr. and I discovered the full version of his “I Have A Dream” speech. 

 I have us something similar to this on a website called United Streaming.  The site lets you search for lesson plans, stream videos and much more that you can use from their website or download and upload to a Power Point presentation.  I abused it during my clinical semester and will continue to do so when I start teaching in my own classroom.

 Its amazing the kinds of resources that are on the Internet today that were not there several years ago when it first fired up for the first time.  Reminds of the “Shitft Happens” video and how technology is developing really fast.

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One Response to “An MP3 search engine?”

  1. I’ve heard of these MP3’s on the Internet. They are so cool. It’s great to expose our students to actual history in the making. I have also used United Streaming it is an awesome resource for teachers. You can find just about anything on there. The worst part is, at our school at least, it takes so long to download stuff that you have to do it after school when fewer people are using their computers. I have downloaded stuff at home without any problem.

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