Switching Sides

Just finished reading this article about the shift from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age.  It made me wonder about what we are stressing in this day in age as far as curriculum goes.  Today, we are hurting in Math and Science scores in our schools and standards are really high now for students.  But, these are both left brain subjects that we are trying to increase that would benefit future occupations in the left brain region.  The shift that is happening changes what kind of jobs students are going for and what needs to be done with right brain capabilities.  Since that shift is happening, shouldn’t we modify our curriculum and instruction to help develop those areas more than the left brain?  Not to say that Math and Science are not subjects that are absolutely unnecessary but if a change is happening we need to adapt to it, like the aritcle says.  With the modifications, we could, based on this article, help develop those right brain skills in students that will benefit them in this new age. 

 Just a thought.


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