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Dimenxian: Learn Algebra Concepts to Survive

September 30, 2007

I first saw this article about this Math game I was wondering what kind of elements are included in the makeup that make it effective, since we were asked what makes games engaging.  For one, there is a competition among players to obtain power balls and neutralize, not shoot, their opponents to win.  Students will […]

Games and Engagement

September 29, 2007

“I’ve suggested that a lot of what games do to engage people should be built into classwork. I’ve asked all of you to think about that those things might be. When you strip away the interface, the flashy graphics, and the gore splatter, what’s left in a popular game? Can you evaluate that without getting […]

Value Added From Video

September 29, 2007

First of all, the video was amazing being to stick so many pictures on one thing that are all connected to each other. The value of this video is the fact that it is not continually focused on the person speaking and shifts in and out from him talking to what he is doing every […]

Bridging the Gap Between Standards and Lesson Plans One Piece At a Time

September 28, 2007

The gorge in between standards and lesson plans seems at first glance to be one that not even Evil Knievel cannot jump on his motorcycle.  When I look at the standards for Math and Social Studies, the content extends on and on and on about all different areas of the two disciplines.  My head spins […]

02 Stats Are High This Week

September 27, 2007

I feel more confident about my reading and writing process now than I have in the past.  I’m accomplishing more with each day, looking for newblogs in places I never knew existed, and learning new ideas.  I love that feeling you get when you achieve a goal.  Complete satisfaction. Our chat last night was pretty […]

Course Objectives: Fact, Life, or Wishful Thinking?

September 27, 2007

With thing one person does in life there must be a goal that they have in mind.  Your body waking up this morning was a goal, eating breakfast was a goal, getting to work on time is a goal, etc.   Everything we do has a goal or objective to it, but some objectives may be […]

Standardized Testing and Course Work: Can They Work Together?

September 27, 2007

Since we are looking at course design this week, I thought it would be nice to touch on something that I know every teacher enjoys discussing: standardized testing.  Looking in the OLDaily blog this morning, I can across a blog talking about how testing should be the sole determinant of a student’s progress. “I don’t think that […]

Does Quantity Mean Quality?

September 26, 2007

When it comes to course design, I think it would be more beneficial to use less tools.  There SO many tools available now to usse in a course and one of the more challenging things is determing which tools the best ones for what I’m trying to do.  A lot of times people think they […]

The Influence Tech-Knowledge Has On Design

September 26, 2007

When designing a course and looking through the archived tools in your toolbox, the end product will be determined by how comfortable you are working with them.  Tools found in the basic toolbox, such as e-mail and blogs, are all things we use on a daily basis and have become accustomed to their inner workings.  […]

Reflecting on Design and Development

September 26, 2007

When comes to using the recipe metaphor to describe course design and development, it can somewhat deceiving due to the amount leeway.  Sometimes a recipe may call for a hint of this and a dash of that, but sometimes cooks will change the recipe to their own liking.  This can be either a good thing […]