Summer Camp the NCLB Way!

I read an article through my OLDaily subscription entitled “My Plan to Fix NCLB.” As most people know by now, this law has had some flaws to it and those flaws are being address and modified to make it stronger. One of the ideas proposed by the author of this article, Gary Stager, were summer camps for students who are falling behind to help raise their scores on testing. There are programs now that encourage students from low socioeconomic locations to come to a camp-like setting and earn college credit and get a taste of the college culture. Most kids like going to camps and the opportunity to attend a summer camp that would address their needs plus allow them to have fun would be fantastic. My question is this: How exactly would they execute a plan like this? What would be the game plan on addressing the different needs of those kids in this setting?

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3 Responses to “Summer Camp the NCLB Way!”

  1. I think you pose a good question, How would you implement that. Another student mentioned that she has taught the same students in summer school for many years just because the students would rather be there. This idea of summer camp would be great if we could organize it according to what the student need to work on. I don’t think it would hurt for all students to participate in summer camp that works on responsibility, integrity, and respect.

  2. There is a program that does this for high school students. It is called Upward Bound. It is a federally funded program for low-income students. The students spend 6 weeks during the summer living in dorms on a college campus and taking classes. They all have a math, science, and english class which are team taught. Then they can take elective classes in the afternoon such as karate, comic book literature, or swimming. The whole idea is to fill in the gaps that these kids aren’t getting in their high schools.

  3. I have heard of Upward Bound and it is a wonderful program for high school students, but what about elementary and middle schools students? Are there any programs similar to Upward Bound out there for those age groups?

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