What matters to you the most?

I came across an article on Remote Access that suggested we question the basic premises of eduction. What are the things we want to instill in our students to make them contributing members to society? The author of the article seems to think that multi-tasking is one of the main priorities we should focus. Yes, that is one thing that needs to be addressed, but there are many other things. Time management, higher order thinking, mastery of basic skills, etc. But, that is not the idea. It is not exactly the search for one cure-all remedy, but the notion questioning the powers to be on education.

Every now and then people need to question things to clarify their value. Revolutions are good examples of this in that those people doing the revolting question the fabric of their government and society to determine whether what is happening is right or if change needs to occur. If revolutions never happened then, for one, we never would have become a nation. Revolutions are important because they keep those in charge on their toes and invite innovative thinking.

If we never rethought anything then we wouldn’t see some of the advancements we’ve seen in education. We would still be sitting like ducks in a row instead of different seating arrangements like the Socratic method. Gardener never would have thought of multiple intelligences. A lot of the things we consider precious in education would not exist without the “revolution.” The questions we ask help us learn more about our field and how to make it better. The more questions we ask, the better. That’s why we ask “Are there any questions?” with our students to see if anything needs to be clarified and  encourage them to ask questions. Who knows when someone will come up with an innovative idea that changes our world.



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