Kids Today

It is amazing what kids can do today. Some can start learning how to play golf from the age of 2 (Tiger Woods), some can go to college at the age of 10, and others can beat a cooperation just to switch phone services. The teenager who cracked the lock on the iPhone to allow access to another phone service demonstrates the potential level of learning that kids can achieve. AT&T is threating to file a lawsuit against him, but I don’t think it is illegally to change phone service. It makes me wonder if there is a deal between AT&T and Apple to only sell the iPhone through them. But, isn’t that a monopoly on the iPhone industry? I believe monopolies are illegal (Unless you are playing the game Monopoly where the objective of the game is to obtain a monopoly). Anywho, back to education

It makes me wonder what his background of education was. Was his intelligence related to hard work or genetics? Was he enrolled in private or public school? Did his parents stimulate his brain a lot when he was younger, did he teach himself a lot of what he knows, or did he receive no stimulation? How does somebody get so smart that they can beat out corporations who hire supposedly smart people to prevent things like this from happening? I suppose it brings up the debate again of Nature vs. Nurture again. Are kids just smart or do they obtain their intelligence through learning inside and outside of the school building?

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2 Responses to “Kids Today”

  1. Personally I think the kid deserves more than a new car and a few cellphones. He didn’t crack the iPhone by himself but nonetheless he still cracked it. But why? Why is it that there are people in the world that try to undo something someone else has done? Is it low self-esteem or just some form of narcisistic behavior?

  2. It could be that people, when presented with a challenge, are so driven to overcome it that they will do anything. This kid wanted to keep his iPhone, but use another phone service. His persistence, along with those who helped him, paid off when he unlocked the phone. Its like when you tell somebody that you can’t touch a button you want to prove them wrong and push it. This kid push the button and proved them wrong. Its just like the TV show House M.D. where House is a arrogant, manipulative man willing to do whatever it takes to prove his theories right. When someone tells House not to do something, he’ll do it, if he thinks it will prove he’s right. I don’t know if this kid is arrogant or not, but he is persistent and willing to overcome the obstacles to prove something can be done.

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